Why choose us

We are your local Appliance Doctors—knowledgeable, skilled and certified by leading experts.

Honest and upfront, our pricing is based on a flat rate, instead of charging by the hour. Before beginning any work on your behalf, you will be provided with an accurate price quote, so that there’s never that dreaded “surprise bill” at the end of the job.

Our service call fee is $80. This includes us researching and pre-diagnosing the problem beforehand (so that, if possible, we might do the repair the same day), the trip to your home and thorough in-home appliance diagnosis.

Once we establish what the problem is you will get a flat rate quote for the repair (which includes both parts and labor). If you decide to go ahead with the repair, you will also get an estimate for when you should expect your appliance to be up and running again.

Beyond repairing your appliance in a timely manner, we strive to offer a positive experience as we extend the same care and attention to you and your entire home. Courteous and polite, we will always wear shoe coverings and use floor mats to protect and respect the privacy of your home.